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Hi, Mike and everyone! Well, having lived in the Nashville area all my life, I can attest to the fact that the weather can get pretty crazy around here. <Smile> We had freezing rain and snow on Wednesday night, and it's bitterly cold outside. We didn't have enough snow for me, though, only a couple of inches max. Still, it's all Christmasy and sparkly outside. <Smile> The thing is, nobody around here knows how to drive in it, so an inch of snow can empty the grocery stores and close down the city. <LOL> You'd think we'd get a clue by now! Mercy!!!

Spring and summer storms with tornadoes are quite common around here as well. I much prefer the icy weather to tornadoes! If you're afraid to drive in the snow, you can just stay home. <Smile>

Anyway, wherever you are, stay warm! Fix a cup of chi tea and curl up with a good book! <Smile> Merry Christmas!


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Perfection in weather is in the eye of the beholder.  Hence, I hardly
would consider 100dg days for months upon months my idea of perfection
I will say, however, that the weather, for me at least, that I have noted
in places such as Prescott in your state comes mightly close to my ideal.
If I were personally to choose a place solely on weather, and economics
had no play in my decision, I'd opt for Monterey, California closely
followd by San Luis Obispo.
Never very hot, never very cold; unfortunately, the affordability index is
so high that I would deem it to be hardly practical unless one happened to
hit it big in the lotto or something.

Several years back, I spent some time going through the "places Rated
Almanac" which rated some 300+ metro areas on all sort of criteria.
One interesting thing that I recall about their weather rating approach is
that places with extremes such as North Dakota, Arizona, Florida, and
Vermont scored rather poorly.
California cities did well do to that moderation I mentioned earlier; also
cities in Mid latitudes tended to do better.
Places that come to mind in that category are Nashville, Asheville,
Still even those cities, all sorts of weirdness and uncomfortaleness can
In Nashville, for instance, prolonged ice storms can occur, and the area
is highly succeptible to tornadic activity and has had several big ones in
the last decade or so.
And here in western Illinois, where we currently live, spring and early
summer always bring with it tornados which all to often bring loss of life
and property damage.

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