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I did see a note from Guido on a book he uploaded saying he wasn't active on
the list right now but if the validater has questions on the book to e-mail.
So it sounds like he is alive and well:) 

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Are you thinking because of Katrina? I've been trying
to think if anyone lived in Louisiana or goes to
Tulane. It seems to me somebody  does but I don't know

Where does Jake live? I think Kentucky? And we'ver
heard frm Gerald. We haven't heard from Guido in a
long time, but that was true before Katrina.  Everyone
else I can think of is accounted for, either having
dropped, at least for a while, or getting busy with
college and classes.


--- "E." <thoth93@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Cindy, I doubt anyone can actually "forget" since
> renewing is somthing a 
> person would have to do to keep the book.  Since,
> once a person has the 
> book making a renewal is sort of unnecessary I do
> not understand the point 
> or renewing for months and months only to drop the
> book.  One of many 
> things which confuses me tonight and not the most
> important of them either 
> frankly in the bigger scheme of things.
> On that note, does anyone notice anyone missing from
> the bookshare 
> community?  Are the volunteers we know accounted for
> as far as this list 
> can tell?
> E.

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