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  • Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2005 00:46:26 -0400

Hi Gerald,
I thought my email said I was registered.
How do I learn page breaks?
Can I put them in with MS Word?

> AlyceAnn,
> Many of your questions will be answered when Bookshare gets you registered
> as a volunteer.  At that time you'll receive some validation instructions
> which will answer many of your questions, but also cause you to have more.
> If you don't hear back from Bookshare soon, then try contacting them at
> volunteer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Answer 3:  The copyright should be on the copyright page which is normally
> found on the back of the title page.  Your books will need these pages if
> they are to be accepted.  They will also need page breaks as well.
> Gerald

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