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What problems with the web site make you think it was designed by someone thinking of mouse use? Bookshare's forms work as well as any, with the exception that they weren't exactly designed for user convenience. That isn't an issue with how you access the forms, though. If you have problems maybe someone could help, or at least tell you whether your experience can be improved or just something you have to put up with. :-)

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Hi Everyone,

Well I' am totally frustrated with bookshare and the lack of simple communication procedures. I spent a great deal of time validating a book to make as near perfect as possible including using my wife's time which she treasures dearly. I went to the step one list to see if any of the Dale Brown books that I submitted nearly three months ago were returned, only to find the book that I just validated back on the step one list and no communication from bookshare. When I checked the notes, the administrator apparently did not like the copyright.

Well a publisher is clearly listed as the copyright holder. So now what does it take to fix the problem! If the administrator took a moment to open the book it clearly states that the copyright holder is the publishing company as listed. Is there some special miracle to be performed? I have decided not to list the problems that I encountered with the web site, as Iwell it seems that the designer was a mouse user and could see what they were doing.



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