[bksvol-discuss] Re: venting my frustrations

  • From: Mike Pietruk <pietruk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005 16:34:00 -0500 (EST)


Thanks for your extended note!

While I agree that the percentage of books facing this problem are small, 
I work with Christian nonfiction and fiction books which seem to have this 
Bookshare problem more frequently unfortunate.
I have spent countless hours as a submitter, validator and, yes as a 3rd 
party trying to figure out ways to push these otherwise excellent books 
through the system.
Most eventually succeed, some who knows!
So my frustration level on this topic is understandably high and some 
submitters have become skiddish wondering if submitting these books is 
worth the effort.
I quickly grabbed "on a Snowy Night" to take a look at the book.
And, as I guessed, the publisher, Mira Books, is shown as the holder with 
the author, Debbie Macomber, copyright holder of the 2 stories that 
comprise the book.
This seems pretty typical for compilationsl.
But, and I am only guessing, if the submitter/validator had suggested that 
the copyright holder was the author, the book likely would have been 
accepted without reservation.
And, of course, the info would have been incorrect.

And if people in the field latch on to the concept that authors as 
copyright holders are ok but publishers are not, regardless of 
correctness, take a guess what some individuals might do.
And that would bring up an even worse problem for Bookshare potentially 
unnoticed for years.
So, I'd suggest, that Gustavo reflexively returning all books with 
publishers as copyright holders that are not in the copyright database may 
create even a bigger problem at some point.
It is one thing to question what someone places within the form, errors 
will occur there without question,
but to automatically question what appears on the scanned page is another.
That, I'd suggest, is potentially even more dangerous; and how long does 
it take to open the book and see what is in the book itself.
Probably less time than writing and/or macroing a cryptic message.

Then, if the info is still ambiguous, which it may well be, it should be 
kicked back. 

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