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That's what I was going to suggest. The Being Edited list is only updated every couple of weeks so far, so checking the download list is the best bet. Not only could someone release the book, but someone could not renew it on time. smile


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Hi Devi,
The book may come back to the step 1 page so keep watch. Thank you for your efforts.
Jim B
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Hello Jim
I forgot to renew the vegetarian book and the bookshare took it. The book is in the editing list and I guess  someone is working on it. I also send a mail about it ,requesting to return the book . I waited for about 3 days and still I see it in the editing list. It looks that I may not  get it to  work  on it. It was my mistake I forgot to renew it and I paid for it. It had happened to me before  many times and I have renewed the book each time . This time that luck did not smile on me.  I also feel bad that this happened .I had spent a lot of time on it and I am sorry that I could not continue and complete  this book . Thanks for all the wonderful help you gave me,Jim.Planning to work on some other book from old list.take care .  devi      

Devi Ramaseshan
The spirit of  Advaita is not to keep away fron anything, but to keep in tune with everything.   Chinmayananda

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