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Hi Devi,
The book may come back to the step 1 page so keep watch. Thank you for your 
Jim B
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  Hello Jim

  I forgot to renew the vegetarian book and the bookshare took it. The book is 
in the editing list and I guess  someone is working on it. I also send a mail 
about it ,requesting to return the book . I waited for about 3 days and still I 
see it in the editing list. It looks that I may not  get it to  work  on it. It 
was my mistake I forgot to renew it and I paid for it. It had happened to me 
before  many times and I have renewed the book each time . This time that luck 
did not smile on me.  I also feel bad that this happened .I had spent a lot of 
time on it and I am sorry that I could not continue and complete  this book . 
Thanks for all the wonderful help you gave me,Jim.Planning to work on some 
other book from old list.take care .  devi      

  Devi Ramaseshan

  The spirit of  Advaita is not to keep away fron anything, but to keep in tune 
with everything.   Chinmayananda

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