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Hi, Kerri,

Apparently someone already answered your question about reading page breaks 
on a Braille display. My Pac Mate doesn't show them at all, and I don't know 
how to make them show up. But it seems that some other Braille displays are 
more generous in this regard, so it depends on what you are using.

As far as reading the book goes: Unless there is an urgent need for the 
book - for example if some student needs it for a class right away - and you 
want to read it anyway, why not just renew it for a few weeks until you get 
it read through, if that is how long it takes. I have been validating for a 
year and a half now, and scanning for several years before that, and the 
best scans I have ever seen still have problems. Garbled chapter headings is 
the most frequent issue I have encountered, and it is almost universal in 
even the most excellent scans. So even if the book is a really great scan, 
and complete in every way, if you read through it and fix up anything you 
find wrong with it, you will certainly be able to send up a better copy than 
the one you downloaded. And future readers will have a better reading 
experience than they would have had otherwise.



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  Hi All:

  I am getting ready to validate my first book.  I have been volunteering a 
long time, just haven't validated anything.  I once took a book but reallyd 
din't do anything to it.
  What should all this page break stuff look like?  If I am reading the book 
on a pacmate or notetaker or with a braille display, what should these "page 
breaks" feel like?  I have read many books from Web braille and seen their 
page numbers but don't know waht the page breaks are supposed to look like. 
I do not want this persons book to get rejected.
  Also, if the book is excellent scan, complete, has all the necessary 
information, can I just upload the book to the admmen cue and then read it 
since it is still on my hard drive or is this illegal?  I know some people 
read along as they go and I really want to read this book but I don't want 
to keep renewing it over and over if it is good enough to go ahead and get 
in the collection just so I can read it.  Should I validate it it, wait 
until the book gets approved forthe collection, and then read it when I 
subscribe?  I guess I am asking is it okay to also read the book you 

  Thanks a lot, and sorry for the ignorant questions.

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