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I do noot think I explained my problem clearly.  Theregular page numbers are 
there and I know what to do with them.  But sometimes at the tops of pages, 
I see
sts Page 4
sts Page 5  without a cursor.  If I right arrow, it brings up text and these 
notations are covered up.  However, they are still there.

I believe it is something to do with the scanning machine, because I am 
seeing the "torn" for Tom, and "cornpany" for company error.  My concern is 
what the stripper or system equipment will do with the sts page 4, sts page 
5 error because I cannot delete it manually with Word.  I hope this makes my 
problem clearer to you.


Sue S.

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Any text in the header would be treated like any other text in a running 
header by the Stripper.  You should do the same.



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Hi everyone,

I am validating Cypress Point by Diane Chamberlain, and there is something I 
have never seen.  For page numbers, it looks like this:

sts page 2

or whatever page it happens to be.  Is the sts important, and what does it 
stand for?  I am wondering if I could just delete "sts page" and leave the 
number only.


Sue S.

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