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Looks like you did.  Maybe I should have been a little clearer.  


This situation is no different from any other situation where there is a
header, and it should be treated the same.  It doesn't matter if the text
contains a few odd characters along with the word "page" or not.  The text
should be either normalized in order for the Stripper to recognize it and
strip it, or Sue should strip it herself manually.  My point was that the
Stripper won't treat this any differently, so why should Sue think it's a
special case.





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I'm sorry but I don't understand Gerald's answer to Sue's question. As a
braille reader, I sure don't want to read STS on every page if it's not
necessary. Did I completely miss the point here? 

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Any text in the header would be treated like any other text in a running
header by the Stripper.  You should do the same.






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Hi everyone,


I am validating Cypress Point by Diane Chamberlain, and there is something I
have never seen.  For page numbers, it looks like this:


sts page 2


or whatever page it happens to be.  Is the sts important, and what does it
stand for?  I am wondering if I could just delete "sts page" and leave the
number only.




Sue S.



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