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Hello Sue,

Sounds like JAWS or whatever speech software you're using may be telling you
that the text you're reading is Normal.  If you can't put your cursor over
it and move across it letter by letter, it probably is nothing to worry
about.  You could try changing the view under the View menu, though, to see
if it's still there in both Normal and Page Layout views, and you could also
try pulling up the Print Preview view to see if it is there as well.  Not to
mention tweeking your speech settings for text attributes to see if it goes

As you know, if you're still concerned after trying these things, you can
always release it and let someone else validate it.

Just do your best, and good luck.  <Smile>


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Thanks Mike.  I am having a problem with MS Word you might have the answer
for.  At the beginning of every paragraph and the beginning of each page I
see the word "normal" on the left side of the page.  Do you have any
suggestions about getting rid of that word?  What worries me is that it
might appear in the books I upload.  I have not uploaded any since this
started happening..  Any help from anyone would be appreciated.  Thanks.

Sue S.

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I'd use the rule of thumb that unless I came across something obvious that
a page was missing, all is well.
A change of scene is normal; two sentence fragments, on adjoining pages,
which don't mesh (and there is more than just a missing word) means a
I'd say all is ok unless something obvious suggest otherwise.

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