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Hi Jill:
There are a couple of reasons to retain page numbers.
First off, it makes books inordinately easier to vallidate. (much easier to
check for completeness with page numbers)
Secondly, For purposes of bookmarking, it is much easier to know what page
you left off on. Without numbering, there is no point of reference.
One of the things I dislike about talking books is the lack of page numbers.
You know when your at page 1, and you know when you are at the end of a
book, and nothing in between.

There are other good reasons to retain page numbering, but they escape me at
the moment. I'm sure whatever I missed someone will chime in with. =)

-- Rui
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> Will someone please explain to me why every page needs to be numbered
> it is a textbook or some other kind of reference book. I am a braille
> and NLS only shows the numbers of odd pages; if I were listening I
> want to be hearing all those numbers and again, NLS doesn't have them read
> on their talking books. Jill

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