[bksvol-discuss] Re: validation pagination question

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Dear Jill:
The page numbers are important especially for validation purposes.  Most of
the time I don't read the books I validate so the page numbers are important
to ensure that there are no missing pages.  Besides if you were reading a
print copy, the page numbers would be available to you should you choose to
read them. Although I am not positive about this, I believe that bookshare's
stripper takes out the page numbers when the book is converted to dasy.

Just my 2 cent's worth.
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> Will someone please explain to me why every page needs to be numbered
> it is a textbook or some other kind of reference book. I am a braille
> and NLS only shows the numbers of odd pages; if I were listening I
> want to be hearing all those numbers and again, NLS doesn't have them read
> on their talking books. Jill

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