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Maybe there will be a copy in the collection? You mean that the book may be a duplicate? Are you joking or do I lack a sense of humor.

What are you using to edit this thing? Rank spelling will read you the split words and the context in many cases so they can be corrected more easily. Hope this helps.


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That is exactly what the spell checker does.  In a word like trans parent it
gives me parent.  <lol>  Maybe I'll be lucky and there will be a copy inn
the collection..  Thanks.


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I've validated two like that in the last week.  I also found words run
together in those same books, though that didn't occur as much as a space
showing up in the middle of a word.

You can run it through a spell checker.  This will fix most, if not all, of
the words.  It's possible though that both halves of the word may show up in
the spelling dictionary, though.  I found two instances where the word
"inside" had been broken into the words "in" and "side".


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I got a book off the Step 1 page which, so far, seems to be okay with one
exception.  All through it there seems to be a space in the middle of
words..  Since the words are not the same, is reading all of it the only way
to correct these words?  Thanks.

Sue S.

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