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Hi Chanelle!

        This is definitely the place for your questions. Welcome!

        You are correct that sentences without periods are probably just
things that the scanner didn't pick up and you can insert them.  You can
remove the spaces before closing quotes to make them appear properly.
Apostrophes are used for a quote within a quote.  So, I wouldn't change them
if this is what is happening.  Occasionally quotation marks will scan as two
apostrophes, no idea why on that.  

        Sorry, I'm out of order here.  Yes, you can remove the running
headers and leave the page numbers.  This is a good idea, in fact.  

        It is probable that the pages 1 through 9 just didn't have their
numbers scanned.  Very often, OCR dumps single numerals as garbage
characters.  So, you are safe, in my opinion adding them in.  You can also
insert any page numbers that are missing when you know that the pagination
is correct.  This kind of thing is helpful.

        As for your dates, it is possible that those may be stripped.
Here's what you can and should do to protect them.  Insert the page number
above the date.  Your page should appear like this:
Page break
Blank line
Page number
Blank line
Date (or chapter heading as this is what these appear to be)
Blank line
Text on the page
Blank line
Next page break.

        Yes, you should join hyphenated words and remove the extra dashes.
You can remove the extra spaces, if you choose to, or you can let
Bookshare's tools do that for you.  They can be counted upon to do that

        If you don't have the e-mail address of a submitter and need to
contact them, you can contact the volunteer coordinater, Pavi, at
pavim@xxxxxxxxxxxx and ask her to contact the submitter for you.  You can
have her give that person your e-mail address if you want to do that.

        If I've missed anything, please, just ask again.  I suspect you'll
get lots of help here.  I'm thrilled that you've joined us!  Careful
validators like you are very much appreciated by us and by Bookshare's
patrons.  It's careful work like what you're doing that results in truly
enjoyable, and accurate books to read.  I hope you have as much fun
volunteering as I do!


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Dear Bookshare Volunteer List,
I am a new volunteer and recently downloaded two books to validate. I
have decided to read the books cover to cover and want to fix some
errors that appear to be made by the scanner. The volunteer manual
states that adding to the text of a book is not permitted; however, in
one of the books I am validating, there are several instances where
the end of a sentence is not punctuated by a period even though the
following sentence begins with a capital letter. Could this be a
scanning error? In addition, there are often spaces between the end of
a word and the close quotation mark so the end quote looks like an
open quote. Is this a common scan error as well? In addition, some
words have an apostrophe around them which should probably be
quotation marks. Sometimes dashes are inserted at inappropriate places
during a word and sometimes they are not printed when a word or name
should be hyphenated. There are often too many spaces between words at
certain points in a book. I am not sure if this is a scanning error or
if the spaces are intended for formatting. I have read sections 2, 3,
and 4 of the volunteer manual and the common scanning errors list and
found no reference to the things I have encountered. I am using a
combination of a BrailleNote classic and Microsoft Word on aWindows XP
computer for my editing.
The volunteer manual states that consistent running headers and
footers will be removed. I am validating a daily meditation book that
has the date for each day's reflection printed a line below the page
break. Would the automated tool remove this information since the
first word (the month) appears for 30-31 pages before switching to the
next month?
In the second book I am validating, the title of the book and the
current chapter are printed in the header on alternating pages.
Sometimes the text is a line below the page break and sometimes it is
not. Would I remove these headers leaving the page numbers intact?
Finally, I forgot to copy down the information on the books'
information pages before downloading. I need to contact the book
submitter to ask a question. Is there any way to access the book
information page again? I am validating Hope for Today by Al-anon
Family Group Headquarters and A Portrait of Jane Austen by David
Cecil. In the Hope for Today book, page numbering begins at page 10,
pages 11 and 12 are not numbered though pagination is intact, and the
page numbering and pagination continues from there. The beginning
pages of the book are paginated but not numbered. I am wondering if
the pages in the book are numbered before page 10.
I apologize for this long email full of questions. Any answers you can
give would be greatly appreciated. If this list is not the place for
questions of this nature, please direct me to the appropriate source.
Thank you.
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