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I believe Lissi means The Orphan GAME, not Train.  Carrie

Estelnalissi <airadil@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:Dear Jill and Everyone,
First, I'd like to ask a favor. If you have taken, The Orphan Train from the 
step one page, would you consider putting it back? I have had this book for a 
week and made many little adjustments to improve it. I should have renewed, but 
hadn't marked the day I downloaded it on my calendar as Cindy does. I planned 
to renew it. I expected to finish it during its second week in my keeping. The 
print copy just arrived from the library today. I needed it to understand a few 
things which didn't scan because they appear in print which is very different 
from the text. 
This is my first validation, and I'd love to complete the task I started.
Meanwhile, I downloaded, The Ivy Tree, by Mary Stuart, but even more than with 
my first book, I will need a library book to help me correct it. 
Oh, And, I just got the letter from bookshare telling me they have taken the 
book back today. I checked for it on the step one page and it wasn't there. 
Maybe it takes a little more time to replace a book on that page, so I will 
check it later.
Always With Love,
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Unless I'm missing something here, if someone was taking books to validate and 
then continuing to renew them just in order to read them without paying a 
subscription fee, they wouldn't need to renew them at all since once they 
download the book, they have it in a file on their computer. They could simply 
release the book; that wouldn't remove it from their computer. When I have 
renewed books it is because they need work and I am requesting them from the 
local library. If I then release the book it is because it hasn't come in to 
the library and I don't want to hold it up.  guess I'm a perfectionist too but 
I do want to make a book as good as I possibly can when I am validating it even 
though that isn't required. 

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