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Weighing in on the validation discussion ...

I suspect there are two types of submitters. One type scans a book without paying much attention to the content until after they've scanned, if at all. The other submitter reads the book as they go. I happen to belong to the latter group. You guys might think I'm strange, but I enjoy reading the book as I scan it. And an advantage to this is that I get to know the book quite well. Thus, I feel its perfectly acceptible for me to do the validation, because there simply isn't a very high likelihood that anyone will know the book as well as I do. Someone here mentioned that one shouldn't validate the books they submit because they might be too "close" to the book. I guess I can maybe see that point, but my initial feeling is that, at least in my case, yes, I want the books on the site, but I really want those books to be as close to pristine as possible. I would *never* knowingly rush a book through either the scan or the validation just to get it on the site. I really enjoy the challenge of producing a clean result.

I know this might be the exception rather than the rule, but I just wanted to throw my thoughts into the pot.


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Hi, Joanie. But how would one know that the submitter did pay that much
attention to detail? How would one know that the submitter did read the book
entirely through? All of the Janette Oke books I've been submitting have
been read completely through. They are of excellent quality. Kurzweil's
ranked spelling proves that. Most of them are at least 99.8 percent accurate
or better. Is that good? Certainly, but don't take my word for it. *smile*
I'm not saying anyone would do this, but it's possible that someone could
say they read the book completely through in hopes of speeding up the
process when, maybe, in fact, they did not. I think having another person
validate is a good form of checks and balances and support it. I think it's
a necessary part of making sure Bookshare stays true to what it was meant to
be, and we do have copyright to think about. What if a submitter did
validate their own submission and something in that area was missing? Those
are just my thoughts, anyway. Take care.
Julie Morales
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That's one opinion I don't happen to agree with. If the book scanned poorly,
then yes, a second person looking at the file may be a good idea, but if
it's a near excellent scan to begin with, and the book is being read cover
to cover anyway by the submitter, I don't see why that person's validation
is any less valuable than someone else's. The book is still being read with
the same attention to detail as one would give to a book one did not scan.


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(this is a repost of a message i wrote on 6/18/04)

Hi Everyone:

I am very glad that all the text quality people have come out of the
There is only one more thing I would ask.
Please do not self-vallidate.
If your book has been sitting on the mountain of step 1 books for a while,
(2 weeks of more) perhaps you could point that book out to the list.
I truly feel it is very worthwhile to have a second pair of eyes (pardon
pun) look at the book.
That's why writers don't proofread their own books, a second person is
to catch more.

I hope my text quality bretheron share my views on this.

-- Rui

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>I am trying to validate This Side of HEAVEN. I down loaded it in to my
>documents, then unzipped it, then brought it up in word. Lastly I >changed
>the file name so it could be edited. I found many errors as well as
>words or even possibly sentences. I am correcting the errors and trying
>figure out what is supposed to be written to complete missing sentences.
>is so garbled in some spots that I am going to check it out of the
>and try a rescan. The reason I am saying all of this is two fold.
>could my computer be doing something I.a. taking out words or not >showing
>them to me? Secondly, could the people who scan the books also validate
>them since they have the print copies? This is just a suggestion. I know
>that I am knew and do not know much about scanning and validating. You
>are doing a wonderful job and it is a privilege to read the books. I >just
>wonder if the books could be scanned and validated by the same person >it
>would save time and frustration. I have tried to validate four books and
>only one has made it so far.
> I would be grateful for any suggestions if anyone thinks my computer > may
> be causing some of the missing lines. Also, please give me feedback on
> what you think of the same person scanning and validating.
> Thank you
> I love Book Share and truly want to make it the best it can be.
> Hope

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