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Hi, Hope. And just another addition to Cindy's note. If you're going to 
rescan the book, anyway, reject the one you have and just rescan it. You'll 
earn $2.50 for that submission, instead of the 50 cents you'd get by 
reuploading a newly-scanned copy as a replacement for the one you downloaded 
and just taking the validation credit. Take care.
Julie Morales
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If I understand you, you're contemplating re-scanning
the whole book and nor just a few pages, and if the
book is as bad as you say and you think it's a book
that should be in the collection and you're willing to
do that, that's probably much easier and better to do
than to struggle with fixing it.

I agree with Joanie and with part of what Pratik says.
It depends on the scanner. Some people scan carelessly
and/or hurriedly and don't really care about the
condition of the books. They're not about to validate
their own scans, either before or after they submit.
Others, possibly like Pratik and Shelley, probably
Joanie, and E, and others too numerable to mention,
probably do validate their own scans before submitting
them.  The  books still go automatically onto the
download list, but with Excellent ratings. Those are
the books you should validate if you want to be
assured of an easy job.

My personal opinion is that if a person's book is on
the download list for several weeks and is in good or
excellent condition, it's probably because no one but
the scanner or a few people are interested in the book
or people are already involved in validating other
books, and in that case, if the scanner wants to book
to be in the collection soon, he/she should valdate it
him/herself.  The ones that throw up Fair books--who
haven't even spell-checked or checked the
pagination--aren't likely to validate them even if
they were asked to.


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