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That's one opinion I don't happen to agree with. If the book scanned poorly,
then yes, a second person looking at the file may be a good idea, but if
it's a near excellent scan to begin with, and the book is being read cover
to cover anyway by the submitter, I don't see why that person's validation
is any less valuable than someone else's. The book is still being read with
the same attention to detail as one would give to a book one did not scan.


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> (this is a repost of a message i wrote on 6/18/04)
> Hi Everyone:
> I am very glad that all the text quality people have come out of the
> shadows.
> There is only one more thing I would ask.
> Please do not self-vallidate.
> If your book has been sitting on the mountain of step 1 books for a while,
> (2 weeks of more) perhaps you could point that book out to the list.
> I truly feel it is very worthwhile to have a second pair of eyes (pardon
> pun) look at the book.
> That's why writers don't proofread their own books, a second person is
> to catch more.
> I hope my text quality bretheron share my views on this.
> -- Rui
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> >I am trying to validate This Side of HEAVEN. I down loaded it in to my
> >documents, then unzipped it, then brought it up in word. Lastly I changed
> >the file name so it could be edited. I found many errors as well as
> >words or even possibly sentences. I am correcting the errors and trying
> >figure out what is supposed to be written to complete missing sentences.
> >is so garbled in some spots that I am going to check it out of the
> >and try a rescan. The reason I am saying all of this is two fold.
> >could my computer be doing something I.a. taking out words or not showing
> >them to me? Secondly, could the people who scan the books also validate
> >them since they have the print copies? This is just a suggestion. I know
> >that I am knew and do not know much about scanning and validating. You
> >are doing a wonderful job and it is a privilege to read the books. I just
> >wonder if the books could be scanned  and validated by the same person it
> >would save time and frustration. I have tried to validate four books and
> >only one has made it so far.
> >
> > I would be grateful for any suggestions if anyone thinks my computer may
> > be causing some of the missing lines. Also, please give me feedback on
> > what you think of the same person scanning and validating.
> > Thank you
> > I love Book Share and truly want to make it the best it can be.
> > Hope
> >
> >
> >

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