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I just uploaded a fun challenge for someone. The book is entitled "mom, I
need to be a girl" (all lower case except the pronoun "I".) It's a short
fast read of an easy 116 pages, but here's the challenge: the print book
itself was typed by the author's mother and never copyedited. Hence, there
are constant errors in punctuation, in punctuation spacings, in spelling
errors, in words run together, etc. I was hypervigilant on the scan and book
matching, using Kurzweil and my CCTV to check the accuracy. The print book
quality itself is quite poor, but the scan is excellent of the poor book.
(Follow that if you can.) Claire said to submit it anyway, with the notes in
the summaries about the error locations being in the book, not the scan. The
story itself is a mother's biography of her teen son coming to tell her his
secret. She has always assumed he is gay and has been waiting for him to
disclose that so that she can give and get him the appropriate support.
Instead, he discloses without using the word, that he is a transsexual. The
book documents the next 4 years of their life. As a teen Evelyn gets what's
needed in order for Daniel to become Danielle, Evelyn's new daughter.
Counseling, hormones, and surgery, all while still in high school, a
remarkable feat. The story is quite compelling. (Honestly it sounds a little
*too* Cinderella-like for me, but the photos included bear out the truth of
the story.) I need to get a couple more books validated and accepted
post-haste before I leave to get my new guide dog in 3 1/2 weeks (but I'm
not counting, oh no). Anyone willing to take this one on? I included my
email address in the reviewer notes if you need to contact me to clarify
anything. If someone does take it to validate, I'd appreciate knowing who...
Crossing my fingers,
Liz in Portland (by habit I started to type "in Seattle")

Liz Halperin
Portland, OR

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