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  • Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2004 00:46:00 -0500

Hi, Jill!  I use the utility for unzipping files that comes with XP all the
time, and it works very well.  When you press Enter on the zipped file, you
will be placed inside a list box that includes all of the files in your
archive.  You will want to press Alt-F to get to the File menu, and I
believe that Extract All will be your first choice.  If not, arrow down to
find it, and press Enter.

You'll be taken through a process for extracting your file(s).  If you don't
want to extract them to the suggested folder, which you probably won't, tab
to the Browse button, and press Enter.  On my PC, the default choice is My
documents.  It's been a while since I've saved it somewhere else, but I
believe that you can hit the Backspace key from the folder list several
times to get to the C drive, and you can extract it to any folder you want,
or even to the C drive itself.  Hope this helps!  I've been validating a
book for hours tonight, and my brain is mush, so let me know if you have any
questions. <Smile>  Good luck!


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  I am using Windows XP Home and supposedly it has an unzip application. If
this is the case, will someone please tell me where to find it.

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