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Hi, Sharon. If it's a book you've read, anyway, or one you plan to, it's a 
lot easier for the submitter to put in the synopses, since they have the 
book right there and can use it to refer back to, using the book jacket info 
or any other info about the book they might have to make up their synopses. 
If books don't have synopses, the validator can make one. I have more than 
once, but validators don't always read the entire book...I know submitters 
don't always, either, but I guess that's why I feel it would be easier for 
them to do it, since they have the book. Take care.
Julie Morales
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I've never figured out when or where to put in the synopsis. I also
sometimes don't have all the information I need when I start to upload a
book; like I'm not really organized in what I need to collect. I have to
start over a couple times because I keep needing more information. Where are
the synopsis fields? Who should put them in? The submitter? The validator?

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