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  • Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 09:00:56 -0700

Hi, & happy new year to every1. I've been working on this book for
almost 2 months now. It is nonfiction & makes heavy use of the dietary
exchange lists, including stuff not found on online versions I've been
able to farrot out. There are a lot of mistakes, &, w/this type of
book, it'd be virtually useless unless those are corrected. It's an
openbook format, so immediately that will decrease the number of folks
who can validate it. My optacon is still not repaired though I think
that's gonna happen in the next couple weeks, & I don't have the book,
though I can probably get it. My question to yall is: do u think I
should just release the bleapin thing or just keep renewing it till I
can actually get it cleaned up? Any1 lookin at the history of this is
gonna think I'm a real flake. I actually got a terrible virus
infection on my machine while going to a site w/an online exchange
list & that took me a couple days of intense, though not steady work
by any means, to get it cleaned up. I'm never gonna get my membership
at this rate, though I enjoy cleaning up books that otherwise wouldn't
be very good & getting them into the collection for others to read.
Once the optacon gets fixed & I have some "synthetic eyesight" this
won't be as tough. But it's sure frustrating right now.

Anyway, happy new year 1 & all again & thanks for any advice/input/suggestions.

Jackie McBride
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