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Just another example of your concern for the customer.
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  Thank you Dr. Cross,  yours has been  a Thorough treatment of the matter at 
hand" or is it a "compact biography?" of me.  Thank goodness it is not a "Love 
Inspired Romance". 

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  I want to support Mary's comments.  Not only is Guido vigorously trying to
     impose his standards, but he has made this a very unpleasant list with
  which to be associated.  He routinely downs other volunteers, forgetting
  that we, too, are customers as well as volunteers, but he also wastes list
  bime with humor which is very often off point.  That might even be okay, but
  express a view with which he disagrees, and suddenly your entire personality
  is suspect. You are discussing things which have already been resolved, even
  though he might be the only one who thinks so.
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  > Guido,
  > Here's a thought. Since there are lots of books on the download page which
  are not in the txt format, and since there are people willing to work on
  those which you find unredeemable and others who would be
  > interested in reading cleaned up versions of same, why don't you
  concentrate on the better quality or at least the non txt items rather than
  imposing your standards on the whole of BookShare, especially in the
  > absence of word from the powers that be regarding this issue?
  > In a note to Kelly, you wondered rhetorically what part of the words pride
  of work people don't understand. In turn, I wonder what gives you the right
  to grant  yourself the authority to set standards which BookShare
  > itself simply has not set.  This whole problem can be avoided if you just
  set the selection of books on step one to be viewed to something other than
  all formats, e.g. kes or rtf.
  > There is room for interpretation with respect to the "readability"
  standard. But until BookShare comes out with a guideline regarding this
  whole page break business that will supercede what Marissa said before the
  > Christmas break, I'd say your position on the page break issue is more
  like disregard of present  policy rather than pride of work.
  > I sure hope the staff at BookShare reaches consensus soon on this issue
  and then,  let us all live with that decision, whatever it may be.
  > Mary

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