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Ah, I knew I should have kept reading.

I haven't read The Runner yet. I figure, the guy's going to die, I don't really want to be depressed. *sigh* But I do need to finish the series.

At 12:35 PM 2/26/2010, Judy s. wrote:
Hi Jamie, the Cynthia Voigt books are called the "Tillerman" series, and Carrie has added the numbers in. smile.

Aren't they great books? I'd recommend them to anyone. They're for teens, and initially about a young teen who takes her younger brothers and sister on a cross-country trip to find a living relative who will take them in after their mentally ill mother dies. Then the series branches out and follows now only them but also friends the main character in the first book, Dicey, met or is related to. The characters and situations are very 3-dimensional, and complex, and the books don't "fix" everyone's lives in a pretty box with a bow, either, in some instances. The book "The Runner," which is entirely a flashback of one generation in the series, for example, ends with a main character dying in Vietnam. While written recently, in the 1980s, they aren't about sex and drugs and aren't full of foul language, like so many modern teen books are. On the other hand they aren't in the Christian genre at all, either. "Dicey's Song" won the Newbery medal, and "A Solitary Blue" was a Newbery Honor book.

I hope you get a chance to read the entire series, Jamie. smile. I think the third book, "A Solitary Blue," is my favorite.

Here's the order:

Tillerman 1: Homecoming
Tillerman 2: Dicey's Song
Tillerman 3: A Solitary Blue
Tillerman 4: Runner, The
Tillerman 5: Come a Stranger
Tillerman 6: Sons from Afar
Tillerman 7: Seventeen Against the Dealer

Judy s.

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