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Great. Send me your address and perhaps phone number also in case I send them UPS and I'll get them out. I also have a xerox copy of a smaller booklet he did for AFB if you want to take that one also. I don't mind doing clean-up on books, I just am not able to handle scanning. Someone read me half of "A Marked House" a few years ago and I had to stop because it was too disturbing, brought up bad stuff from my own childhood, but that's a compliment - I've rarely read anything that vivid dealing with the issues involved and certainly not from that time period. I want to say "enjoy it" but that's not exactly the right way to put it. I'm looking forward to finishing it, though.



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I would be happy to scan the Twersky books if you can send them.  I scanned
The Face of the Deep; it's an amazing novel!


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> I have two books that I will send to anyone who wants to scan them. They > are by Jacob Twersky, whose book "The Face of the Deep" has already been > scanned. Although written in the 50's that book is probably the only work > of adult fiction by a blind author describing the lives of blind people. He > wrote two other books - "The Sound of the Walls" is autobiographical and > the other "A marked House" is the story of a Jewish Immigrant family but > one that touches in a really vivid way on issues of abuse and mental > illness. I purchased two used copies each of each book so that one would be > available for the greater amount of abuse that the scanning process can > involve. However, I have too bad a case of ADD to scan a whole book. Anyone > wants to do it gets the books. Let me know. > > Lynn > > > >

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