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  • From: "Gary Petraccaro" <garyp130@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 16:37:26 -0400

    alt-t, then r for rules, and press enter.  That will put you in
rules.  Tab over to new. and press enter.
You're in a column of things to trigger the rule.  Pick the ones you
want.  For example:  If you want to sort out messages from a particular
list, look for "where the to or CC line contains people".  "People" just
means character string.  Press spacebar on the items you want checked.
Tab again and you are in a column of actions such as delete the message,
forward it, or move it to a folder.  This is at the top and it's the one
you want so press spacebar.
Tab again and you're where you pick the names of people and folders.
Cursor down once and press enter and you will be where you can type in
the string you want Outlook
to use.  Enter it.  Tab to add.  Press enter.  Tab to ok and press
enter again.
Now you're back at the name picking column again.  Cursor down
twice and press enter.  This puts you in the folders list.  You can pick
one or make a new one.  If you decide to make a new one, make it at the
level above where you want it to show up.  After picking or entering it
tab to ok and press
Tab again.
You're now at the rule naming area.  There's a default name, such as
Message rule 4.  If you type in a rule name you'll remember, it will
help you find it next time.  Type in the name you want and tab to ok and
press enter.  You're done.

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  ok, I'm getting a bit overhelmed with the amount of email from this list... 
but instead of leaveing I have a different idea... I made a new folder in OE to 
receive the list... but.. I have no idea how to get the list's emails to go 
there.. Can anyone help me on this?
  please, thank you

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