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Hi, Linda,

Sure, if you want to, you can use the search and replace to get rid of the 
headers - if you use it carefully.  The author header isn't so much of a worry, 
you just have to be careful not to remove it at the beginning of the book, but 
in the body, depending on the kind of book you have, it may not be likely to 
show up.  You can put some character or a number of characters in front of 
those few instances at the beginning, on the title page, the copyright page, if 
her name shows up there, and so on.  Then you can simply search for her name in 
the rest of the book, and replace it with nothing.  If the scanner got all - 
unlikely, but possible if the person scanning fixed them up - or even most of 
them correctly and consistently, then you have saved yourself the time and 
effort of removing them by hand.  That can add up.  If you haven't gotten rid 
of those tabs yet, you might try searching for the authors name with a tab in 
front of it and replacing that with nothing.  I would still go back to the 
beginning of the book, though, and make sure that the instances of her name 
there are safe from deletion.

The header containing the title can be more problematic, because the text of 
the title may be more likely to show up somewhere in the text of the book, 
perhaps more than once.  I've seen it happen with books I've scanned and 
validated.  Removing the header containing the title with a search and replace 
can depend on how the header is written.  If you are at all uncertain as to how 
to proceed, and if you are planning to read through the book anyhow, you might 
prefer removing them by hand as you go along.  If the title in the header has 
spaces between the letters, which I just encountered in the last book I 
scanned, then you could do a search and replace on that without fear of zapping 
the same text which happens to be in the body of the book itself; because in 
the body of the text it is not likely to be printed that way.  If not, it could 
be in all capital letters, and you could do a case-sensitive search and replace 
and you should probably be safe.

As you can see, there a lot of possibilities as to how to proceed, depending on 
how things are laid out.  Try to be cautious rather than clever, as you could 
delete things you don't want to if you are not careful.  Word has an undo 
feature, but it is better to be safe and not to have to use it.  Check things 
out after doing a global search and replace before saving the file, then undo 
it if it went wrong.  If you are familiar with tab replace, it will let you 
check each instance of the text you entered in the Search box, and say whether 
you want to replace it.  That still can take time for a whole book with 
hundreds of instances of a header, but it is still faster than looking for and 
deleting them by hand, and you can be assured of not inadvertently getting rid 
of something that shouldn't be removed.

I don't know what your experience level is, so if I am telling you things you 
already know, I apologize.

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  Thank you so much for explaining things.

  I truly appreciate this-and i am wondering if the search and replace feature 
in msword would help in some of these instances?

  Other than that, I think i have it-and i will ccontinuly refer to Jake's 
helpful hints.


  linda k.

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