[bksvol-discuss] Re: the symbols called braces

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It has been so long and so rarely that I have used braces that I forget exactly how they are used, but if the rule is anything like that for quotation marks or other symbols that might be used in the interior of something enclosed in them then I think braces might be used as interior brackets. Whatever the case, you really do not come across them very often.

On 12/1/2012 3:05 PM, Martha Rafter wrote:
Yes, if I use the shift and hit the same key as the bracket, I hear my JAWS say Left brace or right brace. Are you saying that if I needed to have two sets of brackets one inside the other, the inside ones should be
braces?  I hope I won’t need to use them!  Thanks!
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I'm pretty sure that braces are the the things on the same key that has the bracket;, and if you hit that ky plus shift you'd get the brace: }  I'd describe it as a parenthsis with a little pointy thing poking out from the middle. (Judy, hopefully you can do better. It would be used inside brackets, if you needed " bracket something else. You probably won't need it for bookshare proofing but might come across their use in a book

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