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Sue, if you haven't yet rejected it, release it and
I'll validate it. Or if you reject it, Julie, you can
re-submit it with a Hold for Grandma Cindy. I've been
wanting to read a Joy Fielding book and this would
give me a chance, and as I'm reading it's a simple
matter for me to put in proper page breaks from my
edition, along with the correct front and copyright

I do wish we weren't restricted to having 5 books, but
I'll release one of the Hold For books that I have,
unless Julie resubmits with a Hold For. The old ones I
have, by which I mean decades old classics int he
sense of having been popular then and should be
available now, there is no hurry for. smile

I get frustrated seeing so many books I would like to
read and knowing that I have only so many years of
life left in which to read them, even supposing and
hoping I live to be 100, which isn't too likely given
my slothful ways and my eating habits, and even though
I read two books at a time, one as I validate and one
on my own time. smile

Speaking of the latter, I'm nearing the end of a book
entitled Ungrateful Daughters, by Maureen Waller. It's
a very readable and well-researched book about James
II daughters Mary of William and Mary and Anne of
Queen Anne and that revolution, which really was more
of a usurpation by William and Mary. It covers quite
thoroughly the period from Charles II  through Anne's
life and reign and includes excerpts from diaries,
letters, etc. It's not in our collection. We seem to
be heavy on 16th century English history and perhaps
an English history overview--I haven't checked,
really, but I was curious. According to this Mary and
and Anne connived, and I feel sorry for James II--but
I have both a historical fiction book to read about
them and a brief biography of William III to read
before my curiosity is satisfied. This book may be a
one-sided view, though it is certainly well-research
with supported diary entries and letters, as I said.


--- siss52 <siss52@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I know the feeling because I once lost a book in
> that way.
> Thanks,
> Sue S.
> Hi Jamie,
> Yeah, I'm sorry the test turned out negative too,
> but the admin would have 
> rejected it if I had finished.
> How awful about your book!
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> Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: Paging Julia Kulak
> Glad the test worked for you, Sue, but I wish it had
> confirmed what you 
> wanted instead of confirming what you didn't want.
> I took that CIS class that had major parts of
> learning office 2003. I am 
> still upset that the girl I loaned my book to never
> gave it back. And then 
> she took off and moved to TN so I will never get the
> book back now.
> Jamie in Michigan
> Currently Reading - Foul Play - Tori Carrington
> If you broke it, lost it, need it cheap or just
> can't find it anywhere else, 
> find it at eBay! 

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