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I don't doubt that they are for adults. The problem is that when they are marked as for adults on Bookshare people who are not adults cannot get to them at all. As to whether I would want my ten-year-old reading them, aside from the possessive which I have never regarded as appropriate, I no longer am in charge of a ten-year old, but when I was, what I would have wanted her to read or not read was not an issue. I was always ready to make recommendations, but it was her business as to what she actually read.

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Certain books, I think, still need to be marked "adult". Books that come to
mind include:
Luscious by Alison Tyler (and probably most of her books)
Spanked by Rachel Kramer
The Adventerous Couple's Guide to Strap on Sex by Violet Blue
Dangerous Boys and Their Toy by Shayla Black

you get the idea. Those are ADULT books.

Books like Penny Warner's mystery serious are not ADULT books. They have
"offensive" to some language. Those should be more marked something like
PG-13 or PG-16 or something. There is nothing in the story that is ADULT.

The book I just scanned, which I LOVED, got marked adult by Bookshare. There
is nothing in the story that is ADULT. I couldn't even tell if the teenage
boy and his little girlfriend even had sex or just sat on the bed together.
Yet The Lock Artist got marked adult.

Yes, you probably wouldn't want your 10 year old reading some of the second category of books, but your 10 year old probably wouldn't want to read them anyway. Your teenager might and I don't think they'd be particularly harmful
to teenagers.

The first category, you definitely need to be an adult to decide if that's
what you want to read or not.
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