[bksvol-discuss] the abortion myth

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  • Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 13:39:25 -0400

I am sending this book through for acceptance.  I am giving it a poor rating.

Here is my notes on what I am doing and why.

The submitter knows who she is. I hope she is on this list and can read this note. If not, hopefully someone who knows her can pass along the note.

There are a total of 220 misspelled single occurances of words. This is what is left after I spent four fours using rank spelling in version 9 to correct this book. Many of the corrections involve two spaces appearing in the middle of the word. Examples would be: "ex ample" or "ab ortion". They are single occurances. Many of these I can fix and did fix. The book now has a 99.5 rating. It could have been a much better scan if the person doing the scanning had a version of k1000 which included the optimize feature and used it. This book was submitted in May 2005. Version 8 has been out a long time. The person doing this submitting has a good job. Hopefully she can spend a little time learning to use the software. She certainly thinks this material is important. She can make it more valuable if she can just start submitting scans which start off life at 98% or above. The quality of her scans overall needs a lot of improving much of which will be taken care of by the optimize feature. Please please upgrade even if you only do so to get your political message across.


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