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You may be able to make this happen by releasing a book and sending the
partially validated file to someone who is willing to finish it, then get
the original and replace it with the validated one.


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I would think if you give up working on the book, you give up the credit.
But there are just cases where a validator has to give up the work. Maybe
he or she is sick, but why should all of the inital work be lost? Maybe
there are personal circumstances where the validator needs time off. Maybe
there are circumstances in the book where the validator can do most of the
work, but then the rest has to be finished by someone who can look at the
print book. The system as it is now doesn't allow for the latter to happen
because you can't share the file.  And lots of times I am happy to add
finishing touches to a carefully validated book, but I would not want to be
responsible for validating the entire thing.  With an option to release the
book but save the changes, more of that kind of work would be possible.

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