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Since people are getting credits for this stuff, how is BookShare supposed
to apportion
this.  This just makes more work for the staff.  If one can't do a book
because of unfamiliarity with the material, punt.  If it's so bad that a
single person can't fix it all, reject.  If one just hasn't the time, teach
yourself not to over commit by doing shorter books or taking a brief vacation. Heavens, this isn't rocket science, and yet, I never see this issue go away. It's been around for what seems years.

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What if when a person works on a book, but cannot finish it for a
particular reason, if he or she could "accept" the book instead of
releasing it, and change the title to say something like NEEDS MORE WORK
(like where you would put BSO or HOLD FOR). Then the file would be
uploaded to Bookshare, and Claire would know from seeing the title that it
needs to go back to step 1 instead of being approved?

 You can change the title of a book when you accept it. We do it all of
the time when we take out the HOLD FOR.

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