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I've uploaded a book with similar issues and will shortly be offering another 
as a possible replacement in the same vein.

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  I am preparing to upload something that I really don't want messed up.  I 
  am concerned about several issues.

  First, I didn't know about the Kurzweil issue that may cause blank pages to 
  disappear from RTFs when I edited the book.  Now I don't know of a very 
  easy way to go through the book to find the blank pages and insert 
  something like the page number or [picture].  I don't want the blank pages 
  to disappear because the page numbering is perfect and will be even without 
  DAISY tags since the first scanned page is actually page 1 in this case. 
  Does anyone have any ideas?  The only thing I can think of is to upload in 
  KES format, but that will limit who could work on it.

  Second, the book contains useful tabs, which conversion will remove.  I 
  just don't know how many spaces to replace the tabs with.  I really am 
  discusted by that problem, since tabs should be a valid and recognized 
  character.  The problem is really bookshare's issue and it should be fixed 
  sometime during their improvement process.  For now i would just like a 
  number of spaces that would be most likely to work okay.

  Third, has anyone ever seen a bullet in a DAISY or BRF file?  If anyone has 
  reason to believe that they do not come out correctly, can you give me a 
  suggestion of a character to use instead of the bullets?  Unfortunately 
  star will not work that well in this case.  There are too many used for 
  footnotes and I don't really want to give them a double purpose.

  This book will most likely cause copyright questions, but I wrote an 
  extensive comment that i hope the validator can pass on to admin to get the 
  book pushed through the first time. :-)

  The book is called "What Does the Bible Really Teach?"  And is really ment 
  to be like a textbook that answers specific Bible questions by explaining 
  illustrating, and providing large numbers of specific Bible verses to 
  support the reasoning presented.  To someone not used to the blabbing of 
  Bible citations by a synthesizer it could be annoying. :-)  I hope they 
  don't come out strangely after translation.
  Each page has a number of numbered paragraphs and corresponding questions 
  at the bottom of the page.  Not perfect for BRF format, but I really 
  couldn't do anything about it within this lifetime.

  Please write if you have any suggestions or if you would be willing to be a 
  careful validator for this book.  With careful I only mean putting it 
  through as little conversion or other steps that might introduce errors as 
  possible.  It shouldn't need much editing because I was about as careful as 
  I could be while reading it, and i also had help from my husband when I 
  came accross problem spots.  As always, I make no claims of perfection, 
  though. :-)

  Sarah Van Oosterwijck
  Assistive Technology Trainer

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