[bksvol-discuss] suggestions for books searches at BS?

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  • Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 15:09:28 -0800

G. Cindy (I believe it was) detailed all the various methods she used to
search out a book in the collection. I note that many of us (self included)
do the simple or advanced search and if the book doesn't show, conclude it's
not there. Seems to not be the case. 

How about if someone (note I'm not volunteering due to own ignorance) puts
together a list of the myriad ways to search for specific books (titles and
authors) in the collection. Armed with that list we (I, at least) would try
every suggestion before concluding it really isn't there and scanning or
officially wishing for it. 

Ex: there was a book I *knew* I had scanned in the first year and I wanted
to see if it needed a BSO. Couldn't find it the simple ways. Didn't find it
listed on the page of books I have submitted over the years (but that was a
fun trip down memory lane!). I did find it, but only via going to the
authors alphabetical list, picking the author's last initial, getting that
letter's page, scrolling to the specific author, and then entering. Voila,
the book was there. However, there's another on the wish list that I am
99.99% sure I had gotten in the collection and I can't find it... (It's one
of the A. J. Orde mystery series and I know I submitted all of them, plus
her other series under the name of B. J. Oliphant, both of which are
pseudonyms for sci fi writer Sheri S. Tepper.) 

Liz in Portland

Liz Halperin
Portland, OR

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