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JAWS will say "error" right above the field with the error in it. Rather 
than reading through the entire form, though, your friend can use the JAWS 
Find command, control-f, to search for the word "error", without the quotes 
of course, to find which field the error occurs in.



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  Hi Everyone.
  I have submitted many books but never using JAWS. I have Zoomtext. A new 
member of the bookshare team and a good friend of mine is sumbitting books 
using JAWS and is having trouble with the error messagee. I think the 
problem iis that on my pc it says error in read and the fieeld it is talking 
about with the problem also has the red erro message. How does JAWS do that? 
How can you tell on JAWS which field is wrong when submitting a book?

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