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HI Robert and all, 


I would have to say I am not sure where it is a privacy issue. 

With any newsgroup, support list like this, even when I worked for AOL in
the file libraries the uploaders email address was part of the file when
submitted and after it was released.  


IN the above cases there is not a privacy issue that I have ever heard
brought up. I would think if there was in the mail lists and message boards
I have been on over the last 15 years it would have been stated in the terms
of service or guidelines of participation. 


So now we are in a situation where we are building a library where the
volunteers are compansated and the service is a for pay access and those
contributing have to have their privacy protected? I am bringing it up in
the spirit of discussion and there are no hard feelings but the question
might be.


Is there some privacy law or regulation that the submitter's email address
is not automatically displayed or is this a decision that has been made
because it was felt privacy of submitters should be protected? 



Katie Hill 

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For one I don't mind if people have my address on this list. I don't look at
it as a privacy issue, after all we are here to help each other and I am
putting in my thoughts to some of the post on other issues. I think the
books should be better than fair. I scan a book and if there are words that
don't sound right, I fix them if I know what they are or rescan the page. I
look at it as what people are getting for their money and if I don't like
the page is, others won't like all the mistakes as well.

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Jake, I have given a great deal of thought to your concern about requiring
submitter's names and I respectfully disagree. Perhaps you have had to deal
with over-intrusive validators but I never have; in fact, just the opposite.
One of my earlier submissions was being validated by Kenneth Cross and he
wrote to let me know that there were two missing pages in the book. I was
extremely grateful that he was able to do that as the book would otherwise
have been rejected. And it's also very pleasant to have a validator take the
time to congratulate you on a good submission. Bookshare, in my opinion,
doesn't need quantity anymore; it needs quality and if the submitter can't
get feedback from the validator, how is he going to improve? I can
understand that there are submitters whose lives are too busy to allow them
to be on this list. Bookshare does invite new volunteers to join this list
but I think they should take this a step further and let new volunteers know
how important it is  for them to provide contact information for the
validator. As someone else has pointed out, I do give thought as to whose
submissions I validate, and am always a little uncomfortable when it is the
notorious "Bookshare volunteer." You have been so helpful to me that I don't
like disagreeing with you, but I think this matter is too important to
ignore. I would be interested in knowing how others on the list feel about
what degree of importance it should have on changes Bookshare needs to make
in order to improve their collection. Jill

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