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No, it wasn't the first blank where you fill in the title, it was the c:\books\The Doctor's House that dissapeared each time until I removed the comma. Don't know if that's what did it or not. Anyway I finally got it.

At 10:25 AM 7/19/2005, you wrote:
Do you mean that the file name which encluded the book title went blank after every attempt? That is normal and commas in the file name sometimes do cause problems.

If you really mean that the first field of the form which contains the book's title was blanked each time, I am really surprised and discusted, because that should not happen. We need to be able to enter punctuation in the titles of books, or the titles just won't be accurate. Then we will have to throw fits. ;-)

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Hi gang and Jill I believe it was who was looking for another Ann Beattie book.

I just submitted The Doctor's House by Ann Beattie. It scanned well other than a number of extra letters at the top and bottom of many pages which I erased. Can't figure out what causes them but I hear k1000 version 10 is going to deal with that.

One other question, I had to submit it three times before it would take it. Every time it didn't accept it I noticed the place for the book title was blank. Finally I took the comma out of Doctor's and then it went through. Would a comma keep it from going through? I thought I had run books through before with punctuation and it was ok.

Anyway, happy validating.  Hope Jill sees this.

Bud Schwab W 6 Z Y P Malibu, California

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