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  • From: Bud Schwab <budschwab@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 13 Jul 2008 13:23:40 -0700

Hi Gang,

I just sent in I'll Take You There by Joyce Carol Oates. It's just under 300 pages and has a good low rank spelling figure after a lot of doing. Headers are eliminated and there's a blank line below and above the page number at the bottom of the page. There are varying number of lines at the top of pages and I was afraid to try to fool with it. In Kurzweil I'm never quite sure where the page break is and how to recognize it. I'm sure the validator can fix that. Otherwise it should be a snap. It's a story about a poor farm girl who tries to make it in a university. She joins a sorority which isn't too successful and falls in love with a black student back in the time when it wasn't accepted.
Hope you enjoy it.

Bud Schwab
W 6 Z Y P
Malibu, California
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