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Hi Robert,

I try to hold the books down very flat on the scanner but on a large book it's sometimes a little hard. I'm experimenting with the various reading engines to see if I can find out a pattern.

At 08:42 PM 2/11/2005, you wrote:
Bud, I think quite a few of us have but I am beginning to wonder if it has more to do with the flatness on the scanner than find reader, haven't had that much garbage in the last 2 books I've scaned but you never know.
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Hi ng,

I just submitted Half a Life by V. S. Naipaul. After I cleaned it up I think it is almost without flaws. It wasn't easy either because I seem to be getting a lot of garbage at the end of many pages which I had to get rid of. Has anybody else had this problem? I have tried different settings in k1000 but nothing seems to help. Maybe it's my scanner.
Anyway this was a very interesting book about India and it's customs.
Happy validating.

Bud Schwab
W 6 Z Y P
Malibu, California

Bud Schwab
W 6 Z Y P
Malibu, California

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