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Hi Mike, 

Since I am a user and a volunteer I went to the .kes list of books that
needed review and grabbed on of those. I wasn't sure how many Kurzweil users
we had. So far I really like the software running version 9.0. I haven't
used any of the others but now that I have a scanner I should try some of
the demos. I am scanning with a Canon DR2080C. 

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Thheoretically, Yes, .kes is preferable.  From a practical standpoint, 
however, it is a recipe for having your submissions languish from being 
validated by a volunteer as that validator must have K1000 available to 
So, from a practical standpoint, the best format to choose is .rtf which 
almost all validators can easily handle.

I scan using K1000 myself.  When I am working on a book, I save it in 
Before submitting it to Bookshare, however, I convert it to .rtf using 
K1000's ""save as" feature on the file menu.

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