[bksvol-discuss] Re: some pages not scanning well at the end of a book

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Hi Ellen,
I like to include those end matter pages, because I like to read about other
books myself.  That said, if the pages are just too full of junk to be
cleaned up accurately, I have sometimes left them off.  Alternatively, if
you really really want to include them, I'll bet one of our wonderfully kind
and helpful sighted readers would be willing to look at  images that you
could send him/her, and type the pages for you, then send the text back so
that you can append it to the book.
I don't want to volunteer anyone without permission, but I've requested help
with this before and we really do have some wonderfully helpful folks here.
In short, which I'll bet you thought you wouldn't get: the text that is at
the end of the book advertising other books is not required and you can
leave it out without any worries.
Happy scanning and proofreading!


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Hi group,


I'm scanning one of the Kate Sedley books that was requested a few weeks
ago. It's a paperback, and there are some other suggested titles at the end
of the book. Since they're not technically part of the text of the book-at
least I'd say they aren't-do they really need to be scanned? I ask because
those particular pages are being quite cranky with the scanner, and they
almost always come out with jumbled text. 


Thanks for any advice,


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