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I agree.  There's no reason to do it, but that doesn't mean that is not what
they're doing.  It's the only thing that I thought of that would cause both
pages to take so long.

I don't think the slowness can be explained by building all the links that
you are talking about.  That should be a fairly quick process.  After all,
there's a minimum of 100 links in the table on the New books page plus more
information per book than on the Step 1 page.  Basing it on this, then the
Step 1 page should be slower than the New books page, but not as much slower
as people are reporting.

The reason for why it's so slow is not what is important, though.  If
everyone is having problems with these pages, then we need to make sure that
Support is aware of the problem.  That's why I was wondering if any one else
is getting any better results.


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Hi Gerald,

There wouldn't be any reason to search the library's entire holdings
database when building the Step 1 page, but with 500 to 600books up on the
Step 1 page it would still take a considerable time to put together the
page with all the links.  As for the Step 2 page taking a long time, I
would have to guess it is an access, or search, issue in looking for the
appropriate user and the books associated with their account.  Why it is
taking so long now, I can't guess, unless it has to do with the number of
user accounts, or perhaps the number of users logged on at any time.


At 11:00 PM 2/10/2005, you wrote:
>E. and Dave,
>That works well too when you want to download a series of books to read,
>like David Weber's Honor Harrington series which was mentioned in one of
>recent messages.  Opening each of the pages for the books with Shift-Enter
>let's you keep your place on the author's page while you download the
>Opening new windows helps, but it appears that there still may be a problem
>with how slow the Step 1 and 2 pages are to access.  I'd still like to know
>if anyone else is getting any better results when accessing these pages.
>may be an issue that support will need to investigate.  If the query does
>actually search every book in the database when building these pages, then
>the problem will only get worse as the database grows.
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>Hi E.,
>I've noticed too that the Step 2 page seems to take an inordinate amount of
>time to load lately.  While the Step 1 page also takes a considerable time,
>I can understand that with all the links that need to be built.
>One thing you can do to speed things up, if you have multiple tasks to
>perform on the Step 2 page, is open subsequent operations in new
>windows.  I.e. if you want to renew more than 1 book, or you want to renew
>books and upload a book, you can go to the link and hold down the shift key
>while you hit Enter.  This will open the link in a new window, which you
>can just close when you're done.  Obviously, this won't reflect the new
>status on the original window, but it will allow you to move down through
>the list and catch the other links you want without the long delay for
>loading the Step 2 page.  This works well in IE speeding things up quite a
>bit, but as for other browsers I'm not sure.
>At 03:46 PM 2/10/2005, you wrote:
> >         I am accessing the bookshare web site with a new very fast
> > computer and cable modem.  I go to the step 2 page.  It takes forever to
> > load.  I renew a book and press the page back key to do something else
> > the step 2 page.  Again a long ong long wait.  What is going on?
> >
> >E.
> >
> >

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