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In the US single quotes are mostly the same as apostrophes.  But in some 
British presses they are not.  They are actually unique chars, looking 
more like high commas.  I am not sure where   the British single quotes 
map on a keyboard.  I have found that in some cases OCR engines do render 
them instead of apostrophes in words such as I'll,  you'd, and it's.
In such cases,  the single quotes should be replaced with apostrophes, 
because they can cause major problems to TTS speech.
Be aware,  mass replacements of the single char will lead to big problems. 
 Stick to replacements of whole words, or significant word fragments, to 
avoid incorrect replacements.


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[bksvol-discuss] single quotes

Thank you and others for the explanation of single quotes being the same 
I may be wrong, but I seem to remember that books printed in England use a
single apostrophe instead of the quote.
I have downloaded some of these from PG and scanned several. I can see how
they could be difficult to read.

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