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  • Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2011 07:54:10 -1000

Kim, just to let you know, I had sent a message to bookshare support about
this book a couple of weeks ago and got back a response and thought I'd
share it.

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Subject: Your question about Bookshare - Case 00050485-Technical Support [
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Hello Charlene,

Thank you for contacting Bookshare Support. 
I verified that "simply Good bread" only contains the legal boilerplate and
reported the problem to our Engineering Department.

I'll notify you when the problem is fixed.


Rob Turner
BookShare Technical Support

Bookshare.org To find ANSWERS to Frequently Asked Questions:

Case 00050485 Information:

I tried to send e-mail through the proper channel, report book quality, but
that form isn't working. I downloaded both the Daisy without images version
and the brf version of Simply Good Bread and neither of them is the actual
book, there's just a list of items with online connections and comments that
the kindle doesn't work with them, something like that, sorry can't remember
the exact wording. Anyway, needless to say, the text of the book appears to
be missing. Just wanted to let you know and you can send on to the proper
place. Thanks much!


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