[bksvol-discuss] sighted volunteer needed

  • From: "Tiffany H. Jessen" <tjessen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 14:23:03 -0500

This book was both requested on list and on the wishlist page, so I attempted 
to scan it, but due to the fonts used, it was painfully difficult. Besides for 
the little pictures on the top of many, if not all the pages, there were big 
pictures periodically placed at the beginning of each part or chapter or 
something I'm not sure of. Additionally, some of the headers on the top of the 
pages are written in an odd script handwriting like font, so that is clearly 
impossible to scan. Obviously the pictures and headings can safely be removed 
from the book and not affect the quality of the book, but the whole book it 
self is written in a strange font which my scanner found difficult. 
Right now Kurzweil ranks it as 93% spelled correctly, but I'm sure if the 
validater eliminates the garbage and fixes the chapter/section titles it could 
probably be pumped up to 95% spelled correctly. I think if a sighted validator 
does it it could be improved a bit better.
I'm sorry it'll probably be quite a bit of work. I don't usually submit books 
under 98% spelled correctly.
Anyways, the book is
Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell. 

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