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I honestly don't quite know how to encourage more submitting.  I know for me I 
am working on books as I can, being fully time employed.

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  Jamie, did you know that Bookshare is getting books from multiple 
subcontractors now? Some of the books awaiting approval are books I have mailed 
to Bookshare for scanning, and they were processed by one of the 
subcontractors. I recognize their titles. There are also over a thousand 
publisher quality books on their way into the Bookshare system. As well as 
textbooks being processed for Bookshare. So the approval queue is bound to get 
bigger over time since that's where books go before they are made into daisy 
and Braille files and put into the collection. If things work as they should, 
you should see it grow, shrink, and grow again as staff, volunteers, and 
subcontractors do their work. . This growth is a good thing for us because a 
lot of the books are nearly letter perfect. It also means that Bookshare is 
keeping its promise to add 100,000 books to the collection over a five-year 
period. The jiffy proofreaders may process books quickly, but we're talking 
about a limited number of people who are doing this. They're a challenge for 
Bookshare, but they're relatively minor compared to other issues we're 
experiencing right now. Minor doesn't mean they're not important. It just means 
that they can be spotted quickly, and they're already on the staff's RADAR 
screen. They're like a hang nail that is painful but not lethal. I'm far more 
concerned with finding ways to ramp up book submission among volunteers so our 
highly-skilled and dedicated proofreaders will be able to work happily again. 
Do you have some suggestions about how we can get the word out that book 
submissions are welcome?


  Monica Willyard

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  Hi, all, I have been wondering something and reading a message on another 
list confirms my concerns/suspicions.  I have been low on work lately and have 
had extra time to proofread and monitor the new books, books to check out, and 
other lists, and I have noticed a steady increase in books awaiting for 
administrator approval.  I last checked and there were between 150 and 300 a 
few days ago.  I just read from somebody's email that there are now 523 books 
awaiting approval into the collection.  Are the staff members doing a more 
thorough job, or have there been cutbacks or something that would account for 
this huge increase in books awaiting entrance into the collection?  I just 
thought it was related to the proofing shortage, but I was going to ask as I 
had wondered this weekend if the approval list was growing, and since now I 
know it is, are we just getting faster and faster getting new things into the 
collection, or are there shortages we need to pray will be remedied all across 
the board from submissions to approvals?  I'm not confident enough with my 
scanning abilities to trust myself to submit my 14 books that I have but would 
like to learn more so I can do that, but my time is limited as I work two jobs 
and am learning to play two instruments at this present time in addition to 
reading books and proofing for bookshare.  I looked at the check out list 
today, too, and I was shocked at the scarcity of books.  Most of them or at 
least three fourths are hold-fors and I can certainly see why, but it's 
shocking all the same.  I'm even more shocked at the 523 books on awaiting 
approval.  Could the jiffy proofers be responsible?  I guess time will tell.  
Thanks and have a blessed day.  

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