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Hey Anastasia,

You know, there are two children's novels I would love to see on Bookshare 
which we don't have.

Eddie's Manajory

Is the first one and can't remember who the author is.


Rilla of Engleside
By L. M. Montgomery


There is a book called Rose Daughter, which is a fantastic children's book.

I started scanning it but ran out of time.

It would be a great asset for the collection too.

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Hi All,
Gustavo, I'm not sure if I sould talk to you or jake about this but I was 
wondering about the series section of the site. I have put 20 books on 
booshare by betsy byars and that included 3 different series. on of 5 books 
and the others are 4 books each I think.  Is it possible to get those series 
recognized on that site? Do I need to email Jake and ask him? If so does 
anyone have his email?

With the new school year aproaching, does anyone have any requests of 
children's novels they would like done? I'd love to do more of those. Thanks 
for any help anyone can give thanks.

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