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Hi all,

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Is there a difference between the two and can someone please explain. I feel
really silly about this one.

Laurie, there's no need to feel silly about asking a question about print formatting. Many of us who have been born blind or who have lost our sight at a young age have no idea how a printed book is formatted.

Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but a section break is a spot in the text of a book between chapters or sections of the text. It may be indicated by a blank page and then a new page starting, or it may be indicated by a line across the page. These mark the text because of the way it's written.

A page break is just that. Every time a new page is started, there is an indicator in the text called a page preak. Most of the time, a page break will be a "soft" page break, much like a carriage return, placed in the text when a certain number of characters has been reached. A hard page break is inserted by an author/publisher to indicate that the text should start on the top of a new page. These hard page breaks occur most often when a section of text is completes, e.g. a new chapter begins.

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